We are delighted to have Exploring Concepts on board as an extension of our team. Exploring Concepts’ extensive experience with cross-cultural communication, international market research and positioning, and a deep understanding of social and cultural issues in business, make the company an ideal contributor and advisor to our global strategic development consulting services.

Space and science have no frontiers, even more so today as ambitions become more complex, making international cooperation the only way to move forward. Our clients often face the difficulty of having to meet, negotiate and work with other nationalities, cultures and languages. “No” doesn’t mean “No, never” in all cultures, it can also mean “Try me again”.  So much of business success depends on those key yet subtle moments, the handshake or the bow, the gesture or the tone of voice. We rely on experts like Stefanie Wakata to guide our clients through the maze of unknown territory, making the process productive yet enriching and fun at the same time. Let her expand your horizon as well, and you will see the world will have no limits for you either!

Daria Lopez-Alegria

President,  Spacebridges LLC

Geneva, Switzerland